Woods Bar & Brewery

A humming hive in bustling Uptown Oakland, where good beer bubbles in the lofted brewery and conversation and live music boogie through the night in the bar and patio below.



1701 Telegraph Avenue
(510) 747-8171


Monday through Wednesday: 4pm to 11pm
Thursday: 4pm to 12am
Friday: 4pm to 1am
Saturday: 12pm to 1am
Sunday: 12pm to 11pm

RESERVATIONS & Private Events

Table reservations available for parties of 10 or more.
Send a request (including group size, date, and time window) to barandbrewery@woodsbeer.com.

Interested in booking a private event? Find out more.


Music Calendar

Information below is subject to change.


Every Friday / 5pm–8pm

Rob Ewing and Friends

A rotating cast of local jazz musicians begins the patio ambiance for the weekend. In the improvisational spirit of jazz, you never know what the show will be, but it’s guaranteed to be breezy, light on its feet and fun.

FIRst Fridays / 9pm–midnight

Mission Delirium

A 9-piece self described “booty shakin’ brass band”, Mission Delirium brings down the house and reminds us what it is to be alive every First Friday. Coming in hot with upbeat drums, wailing horns, crashing symbols and the most enthusiastic cowbelling we’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing, their performance is as much visual as it is audible. You’ll be dancing before you know it.

Every other First Saturday / 9pm–midnight

Blue Bone Express

“Oakland’s Jazz Party Band”, Blue Bone Express blends the high excitement of a Mardi Gras parade with the deep notes of traditional blues and has been a well-known and loved name not only in Oakland, but here on this block for close to 10 years.

Second Fridays / 9pm–midnight

The Lost Shapes

Adventurous original jazz music. We all compose. You could call it avant-garde. You could call it abstract expressionism. We call it music.

SECOnd Saturdays / 9pm–midnight

El Duo

Dancy, synthy, powerful, melodic. El duo “blends lo-fi electronics with afro dance grooves with a natural sense of wonder”. This pair of musicians comes in with a set up of vintage synths and drum machines, a kit, keys, and who knows what else. Sounding improvisational yet highly layered and tightly performed, each show feels like a new experience in sound expression.

Third Fridays / 8pm–midnight

DJ Such n Such

Bumpin’ and grindin’ every third Friday. Bring your boo.

Third Saturdays / 9pm–midnight

East Bay Brass Band

It always turns into impromptu karaoke night when EB3 plays. A 10-piece (sometimes more!) brass band with a not-so-guilty pleasure for pop songs, East Bay Brass Band gives brassy, swinging new life to songs you know every word to. It’s like if your high school marching band went on MTV.

Fourth Fridays / 9pm–midnight

West Grand Brass Band

Five horns and a drummer, West Grand Brass Band honors Dixieland tradition while mixing in modern grooves. Catchy and warm, their performance Invites you to stomp and chant along.

Fourth Saturdays / 9pm–midnight

Mística Universal